Thursday, June 2, 2011

Foo Fighters 2000-07-11 Indre Studios, Philadelphia, PA, US [pFM]

Foo Fighters

July 11, 2000 (Tuesday)
94.4 WYSP Radio Station Show -
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Source : Pre-FM Soundboard.


Complete Acoustic Performance.

Set List :

01. Intro
02. Breakout
03. My Hero
04. Tuning
05. Stacked Actors
06. Led Zeppelin Tease
07. Learn To Fly (with Dave's acid-trip story) LSD
08. Tuning
09. Next Year
10. For All The Cows
11. Kiss Tease + Pearl Jam Tease
12. Everlong
13. Ozzy + Chili Peppers Tease > Talking
14. Weezer Tattoo > Talking
15. This Is A Call

Notes :

This is a pre-FM soundboard recording of the Foo's acoustic gig at INDRE studios
in Philadelphia on 07-11-2000. This show was broadcast over the radio, but it was
edited and cut at some points because of cursing and Dave telling a story about
doing acid during "Learn to Fry". This is the full, unedited version of this show.
and I have never released it anywhere, never traded it out.

The version posted on STG & DAD both had errors on Track 07 at the 1:24 and 1:37
marks, both of these have been fixed, as well as the removal of two second gaps.


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