Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blur 1991-08-22 Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany [Fm Master]

Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany

Source: FM master cassette (MAXELL MX-S 90)
Transfer: SONY TC-K715S - Line-In (HP-PC, Realtek on-board chip) - audacity (track splitting) - wav - TLH - flac

This show was broadcast live on the radio as part of the EBU Rock festival that took place at Cologne.

The set was plagued by technical difficulties and at one point they even interupted to sort out the issues. I vaguely remember that a radio announcer took over or they switched back to the station's studio. So i paused the recording and almost missed the point when Blur started to continue their set. That's the reason why the recording cuts back in rather abruptly (with the announcement for "Slow Down") - but no music is lost.

01 Bang
02 High Cool
03 Oily Water
04 Turn It Up
05 Wear Me Down
06 Mr Briggs
07 Slow Down
08 Come Together
09 Commercial Break


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