Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sex Pistols 1978-01-09 Kingfish Club, Baton Rouge, LA, US [AUD]

Sex Pistols
Baton Rouge, Louisana
Kingfish Club
9 January 1978

Audience recording

Lineage -
Unknown audience taper > unknown fiddling about with tape over the years > CDR > EAC > Flac 8

1. God save the queen (3:29)
2. I want to be me (3:51)
3. Seventeen (2:15)
4. New York (3:22)
5. EMI (3:43)
6. Bodies (4:11)
7. Belsen was a Gas (2:27)
8. Submission (4:09)
9. Holidays in the Sun (4:14)
10. No feelings (3:19)
11. Problems (4:23)
12. Pretty Vacant (4:23)
13. Anarchy in the UK (3:24)
14. No Fun (6:12)
15. Liar (2:46)

Total time 56:14

Very good audience recording of show at the Kingfish Club, Baton Rouge, on 9 January 1978. The quality is very good for an audience tape, with clear and distortion-free sound, although a little bass-heavy. It is the longest set available from the ill-fated 1978 US tour, and a good, driving show. Some crowd heckling is evident, including, oddly, calls for "Stepping Stone", which wasn’t released till 1979. "Belsen was a Gas" is very touchingly dedicted to Malcolm MacLaren. Sid sounds out of tune when he is bothering to play notes, but Steve sounds pretty good throughout with the exception of the intro to "New York". The tape cuts after "Anarchy in the UK", perhaps from the taper saving tape before the encore, and after "Pretty vacant", perhaps for a tape flip. Previously bootlegged as “Spirit of '76” on CD, and "Psychotic Reaction" on LP. An excellent acquisition - much better than most Sex Pistols live bootlegs.


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