Saturday, June 11, 2011

Joy Division - The Hannett Out-take Tapes [Flac]

Joy Divsion - The Hannett Out-take Tapes

Much has been said in the last few weeks regarding the discovery of these recordings. The source is believed to be a member of the Hannett family.
It's feared that the bootlegger may well attempt an "official" release of these tapes and so continue to fleece fans of the band. Sources close to ex-members of Joy Division say they are not planning to release them.

The tapes are mostly made up of incidental pieces, studio chatter, false starts, and early mixes of a few well known JD tracks. Regrettable, our bootlegging friend's mastering techniques are not up to standard and some heavy digital hiss reduction on most of the tracks has affected quality.

Here for you now, are these recordings -

1.Synth tone
2.Lift recording I
3.Keyboard doodles
4.Lift recording II
5.False start I
6.Curtis, Hannet & Gretton interplay
7.Hannet speaks
8.False start II
9.From Safety to where
11.Hear & Soul
12.N4 Europop
13.24 Hours
17.The Eternal
18.The Eternal


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