Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Stone Roses "Stand Still" 1990-10-24 Tokyo Japan [Flac]

Stone Roses - Tokyo, Japan 1989-10-24 (maybe 27th)
Running Time (Approx): 65 mins

"Stand Still" Buccaneer Records BUC024

CD Silver ->WAV 44.1kHz 16bit ->dbPoweramp FLAC


1.Intro - 1:51
2.I Wanna Be Adored - 5:15
3.Elephant Stone - 3:44
4.Waterfall - 4:52
5.(song for my) Sugar Spun Sister -3:39
6.Made Of Stone - 4:43
7.Standing Here - 4:20
8.She Bangs The Drums - 3:39
9.Where Angels Play - 4:30
10.Shoot You Down - 4:54
11.Sally Cinnamon - 3:57
12.I Am The Resurrection - 12:03

Ian Brown - Vocals
John Squire - Guitar
Mani - Bass
Reni - Drums/Backing Vocals

Artwork included.

Sound Quality: A
Good, strong sound all the way through – feel that snare drum hit, and hear the reverb on Ian’s vocals! The hi-hats and cymbals are
very clear, almost too clear. Guitars distort at high levels, but this is a great recording, especially for 1989.

Performance Quality: A
Ian sounds better than at Blackpool and stays in tune nearly all the time. Reni sounds brilliant, especially on Shoot You Down and
Resurrection. Squire makes the odd mistake, but overall is as good as ever. Definitely the best bootleg for fans of the rhythm section.


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