Friday, June 3, 2011

U2 1981-01-23 Queens University, Belfast, UK [TV]


Queen's University

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Recorded by the BBC at Queen's University, Belfast
Broadcasted on BBC Northern Ireland 1981-04-14

01) Intro
02) The Ocean
03) 11 o'clock tock tock
04) An Cat Dubh
05) Into the heart
06) Another time Another place
07) The Electric Co.
08) I will follow
09) A Day without me
10) Out of control

Lineage: vhs master>dvd recorder>dvd decrypter>cool edit pro 2.1>wav>flac level 6

"Things To Make And Do" and "Twilight" were not broadcasted
Sound quality is excellent stereo although Edge's guitar does gets a little lost in the mix occasionally


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