Friday, June 10, 2011

Prince 1988-08-18 Small Club Aftershow,The Hague, Holland [SBD]


Small Club


Het Paard Van Troje, The Hague, Holland

Disc 1
Instrumental Jam
Just My Imagination
People Without
Down Home Blues

Disc 2
Cold Sweat
Forever in My Life
Still Will Stand All Time
I'll Take You There I
I'll Take You There II
Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic

SB Trade>CDR>EAC>Flac lvl 6

It is no secret that this is arguably the most essential bootleg
recording in circulation for Prince fans. It is first and
foremost on my personal list of favorites. Even though there are
now a plethora of soundboard recordings available from nearly
every tour, this is a perfect recording of a coveted aftershow.

The sound quality is to my ears identical to the original release
of Small Club 2nd Show That Night by X records in 1989. This is
the first time I've said this about any reissue of this show.
Although many have tried before this is the first Small Club
recording to actually match the original in sound quality. There
have been no less than a couple dozen of reissues over the past 6
years. In a blind test with both sources playing simultaneously I
could not tell them apart. If there is a difference in sound it
is discernible to me.


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