Friday, June 3, 2011

The Clash 1980-03-08 Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, US [PRO]


The Clash - 3/8/80
Capitol Theater
Passaic, New Jersey
"16 Tons Tour"

This particular show has been widely circulated in various formats over the last 20+ years....but there's a damn good reason for that! This show just plain ROCKS! The version I am posting here is taken from a 1st gen of the original B&W beta videotape and is sync'ed with one of the best known soundboard recordings. In fact, this show and its overall quality are so good that if you aren't a Clash fan already, you will ABSOLUTELY be a fan after watching it! This is a region-free NTSC formatted DVD

1. Clash City Rockers
2. Brand New Cadilac
3. Safe European Home
4. Jimmy Jazz
5. London Calling
6. Guns of Brixton
7. Train InVain
8. White Man
9. Koka Kola
10. I fought the Law
11. Spanish Bombs
12. Police And Theives
13. Stay Free
14. Julies Been Working..
15. Wrong em Boyo
16. Clampdown
17. Janie Jones
18. Complete Control
19. Armagideon time
20. English Civil War
21. Garageland
22. Bankrobber
23. Tommy Gun


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