Sunday, May 8, 2011

Primus 1989-05-03 Palo Alto, CA (NTSC) DVD


May 3, 1989 55min
Palo Alto, CA @ Stanford University - KZSU Radio Show
Pro-shot in radio studio > ? > unknown gen. VHS > DVDR

To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
XYZ intro > John The Fisherman
Groundhog's Day
Too Many Puppies
Tommy The Cat
Frizzle Fry
The Heckler
Sgt. Baker
Harold Of The Rocks

2) April 11, 1992 9min
Daytona Beach, FL @ MTV Spring Break

3) March 20, 1992 5min
Dennis Miller Show

4) March 2, 1991 14min
San Francisco, CA @ Bay Area Music Awards

Notes: this is the best quality of the KZSU radio show video that I've been able to find (although there are some songs on youtube from a much better quality copy). In my opinion, it is slightly higher quality than the copy that the band used on the Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People DVD. I attempted to sync the FM audio to the this video, but one of the sources had a fluctuating speed that couldn't be fixed, so they wouldn't match up properly. The audio still sounds very good on this vhs source, just not quite as punchy as the FM audio that circulates (flac copy available here:

Video Lineage: Tv > 2nd Gen VHS > ? Transfer > ? Author > DVD
Bitrate: NTSC 6539 kbps
Length - 1hr23min
Audio: AC3@256kbps


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