Sunday, May 1, 2011

Noel Gallagher Civic Hall, Wolverhampton 6th July 1998

01 : Stand By Me (Incomplete)
02 : Don't Go Away
03 : Wonderwall
04 : To Be Someone
05 : Help!
06 : Don't Look Back In Anger
07 : Live Forever


An amazing wee set here from Noel when he supported Paul Weller on tour on a few select dates back in July 1998. A seven track acoustic set, excellent audience recording by the way, with fantastic versions of The Jam's To Be Someone and The Beatles Help! Noel also remarks after Don't Go Away "That's the two shit ones out the way" emphasizing his dismay of Be Here Now. Still he sounds like he is enjoying himself, having a laugh with the crowd. Some come down from the Be Here Now world tour though.

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