Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oasis - Poole Lighthouse Soundcheck 23rd June 2004

01 : Testing
02 : Jam (Lyla & More)

03 : Rock 'n' Roll Star

04 : A Bell Will Ring

05 : The Meaning Of Soul

06 : Don't Look Back In Anger

07 : The Importance Of Being Idle

08 : Songbird

09 : The Hindu Times

10 : Morning Glory


Soundcheck of The Poole Lighthouse gig which has the earliest recordings of Lyla and The Importance Of Being Idle which were still at the time unreleased and wouldn't be heard until almost a year later on Don't Believe The Truth. Always interesting to hear soundchecks, giving a little bit of an insight into how songs do progress to the finished article.

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